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What is Phx Finds...?

Phx Finds is an interview style web show highlighting the best local businesses in Phoenix, Arizona. 

From local bars & restaurants to lifestyle, shopping and exercise, we interview the faces behind the local brands you love!

As a local business owner, YOU are what makes your business unique. Let us tell your story with a personalized interview style video highlighting who you are and what you do. To be featured on Phx Finds, email us today to find out how to be featured or read more here


Recent episodes

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Meet Your Host

Lexy Romano is the host and founder of Phx Find Show and is happy you are here! The mission behind Phx Finds is to connect local businesses with their community. 

Through episodes like the 5-Minute Finds series, Lexy hopes you discover something new and exciting each time you tune in! Thanks for visiting and happy watching!


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