On Camera Coaching

Lexy Romano-130.png

Lexy Romano is a host, speaker, professional singer and founder of Phx Finds Show. She has studied journalism, new media, and the art of body language. Lexy can help you be calm and confident on camera.

If you are a small business owner who is planning to leverage the media potential behind video marketing and need assistance, Lexy can help!

If you have recently booked a segment with Phx Finds Show, simply add on the "coaching package" for one-hour of prep before the interview! Or if you are going on any TV station, podcast, or YouTube show, Lexy will spend one-hour prior to shooting with you to prep you and help you be comfortable on camera! She can accommodate in person coaching and virtual coaching! Check it out below!


Lexy gave me pointers on how to look and feel more confident when I am speaking in front of a camera. It made me excited to be interviewed again and share the story of my business!

Mendy Hoffman, Owner Velocity Style Bar