All Female Take-Out Cocktail Initiative from the team at Barter and Shake

Updated: 6 days ago

These to go cocktails come with everything you need.

It’s been 100 years since women won the right to vote. And we are celebrating with drinks… really good drinks.

Barter and Shake, the team behind Century Grand, Undertow and Grey Hen RX have launched a new, all female cocktail initiative offering to-go cocktails made exclusively by well-known female bartenders. These cocktails are unique, tasty, and top-shelf. A new cocktail will be unveiled each week, highlighting a different female bartender from well-known spots around town. All proceeds from this initiative will benefit Another Round Another Rally – a non-profit to kickstart development for women in the hospitality industry.

The very first cocktail released for this initiative was by Undertow’s own Kristina Jonas, entitled No Ceilings. This cocktail has sold out, but don’t fret, we are three weeks in and have several more to go.

Delicious garnishes, like an actual cookie.

Week two highlighted Chanel Godwin-McMaken from Little Rituals Bar. The cocktail, Midnight Snack, is a delicious concoction of Elijah Craig Small Batch Shiitake-Infused bourbon, karotte eau de vie, and fennel bitters to name a few ingredients.

Midnight Snack by Chanel Godwin-McMaken

While the cocktail itself is somewhat savory, it is garnished with a homemade cookie, what could be a better snack than that? This cocktail is meant to be stirred and served in a rocks glass.

The third week features Kyla Hein, beverage director from Pigtails, with her unique offering, If You Wanna Be My Crusta. The name of this cocktail obviously paying homage to the Spice Girls, and includes Remy Martin 1738 Cognc, Cointreau noir, and pineapple and lemon juice.

If You Wanna be My Crusta by Kyla Hein

The cocktail is tart and sweet and is made even more complex by the sugar & macadamian nut rim. They recommend enjoying it in a champagne flute, but any glass works!

A new cocktail will be unveiled each week and is available for take-out from the Century Grand location. Each cocktail bottle comes with two full servings (I found that when diluted with ice it’s almost three servings!) and each bottle is $25. 100% of the proceeds go to the non-profit initiative and it’s a great way to celebrate the ladies right to vote! To order your limited addition cocktails go to the Grey Hen RX website.



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