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Cooler temps in Phoenix means it's time to head outdoors with a gorgeous picnic from Picnic Point AZ

We have entered the part of the year when temps have finally dropped and Phoenicians are flocking to the great outdoors. Why not join them with a picnic?

The team behind Picnic Point AZ knows how to make an outdoor event a true celebration. From proposals to date nights, each time you book with Picnic Point they will make it unforgettable.

With several jaw-dropping location ideas and their gorgeous picnic decor, their setups are sure to wow you and your guest. Simply book, show up and enjoy! It's that simple. They take care of all the prep work and tear down. They even provide snacks like charcuterie boards and sparkling water or ciders.

They have completed hundreds of setups and you will not be disappointed.

To work with Pat and AJ simply check out their website or socials:


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