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Ghost Ranch: The best brunch in Tempe, AZ.

Brunch at Ghost Ranch in Tempe is an experience you do not want to miss. From the cocktails to the ambiance, this place has everything going for it. Nestled in a trendy business park in Tempe, AZ you can't miss Ghost Ranch with the two cacti framing the doors as you enter. Right when you walk in the smells and sights of classic southwest cuisine and ambiance hit you immediately.

We started our dining experience with the brunch cocktail Carajillo, a combination of Liquor 43, espresso, cinnamon and orange. The cocktail itself has more coffee flavor than alcohol, nicely balanced by the blanched orange and cinnamon rim.

For food, we started with the popular appetizer, Street Style Esquites. This corn and cheese based dish comes with tortilla chips on the side and is the perfect starter to get that cheese pulling instagram footage.

For entrees, I had the Green Tomatillo Breakfast burrito (above) and my husband had the Southwest Eggs Benedict. While both were DELICIOUS the burrito definitely stole the show with it's massive portion size and incredible sauce. (However, the corn bread on the Benedict is a worthwhile meal all on its own!)

We finished our brunch with the Strawberry Mesquite Crepes for dessert, yum! These can be enjoyed as an entree or appetizer option, but we loved their subtle sweetness and cheesiness for an after brunch treat. It comes topped with fresh cut strawberries and toasted pepitas.

The brunch at Ghost Ranch Tempe is definitely NOT to be missed. This place has everything going for it from a cozy Southwest atmosphere, to delectable drinks to mouthwatering main dishes. I highly recommend if you are planning on enjoying your brunch on Saturday or Sunday that you make a reservation in advance.

Don't sleep on the Carajillo.... You will not be disappointed! Cheers.

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