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Grand Opening! Cantina Gueros in Goodyear AZ is now open for business.

Looking for that perfect spot that combines delicious food plus amazing ambiance...? We found it for you at the newest location of Cantina Gueros ( /ˈɡweɾos/, [ˈɡwe.ɾos] those who haven't seen it spelled out).

This unique space relies heavily on the decor and atmosphere of Mexico City for their decor, and the drinks and cocktails have a traditional side with a flair of the "California" style Mexican cuisine. Of course you will find traditional things like the margarita and the taco, but they put their own unique spin on these items, adding things like rum/pineapple juice to some of the margaritas and really dishing out the barbacoa in their juicy tacos.

This is a spot in town that is not to be missed-- and can't really be missed with the extravagant exterior design showcasing their theme even as you drive past.

The owner Joey has truly got a hit on his hands with this new location, and we can't wait to see what he comes up with next!

For more info on Cantina Gueros check them out here:


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