Guac is extra, but so am I: Lunch at Barrio Queen!

If you are from Arizona then you know this; table-side guac is pretty much a vital component to any successful lunch. That's why my first lunch at Barrio Queen at Desert Ridge had to include the guac, table-side of course!

Let me tell you, the guac did not disappoint! Fresh avocados with plenty of lime, a touch of jalapeno to give it some spice, topped off with pom seeds for a fresh crunch. It was delicious with the homemade tortilla chips and was the perfect starter for the table!

Barrio Queen is also known for their cocktails! The drink of the month is the Agua Loca, a delicious mix of CaboWabo tequila, pineapple juice, lime juice, triple sec and muddled blackberries. It had the perfect mix of sweet and sour from the pineapple and limes and the muddled blackberries gave it a pop! It was so good, I got one to-go!

I decided to go with tacos for my main dish, being that there is literally a whole page of the menu dedicated exclusively to tacos, I figured it would be a good choice. It was.

I asked my server to choose two of the most popular tacos and surprise me with the flavors. She went with two traditional choices, carne asada and cochinita pibil. The carne asada was a classic street taco style, with onions, avocado and cilantro. The cochinita pibil was delicious slow-roasted pork topped with pickled red onion and pico de gallo.

They were both fantastic but the stand-out to me was the cochinita pibil. The slow-roasted pork was melt-in-your-mouth delicious and the pickled red onions gave it a little kick without going overboard. Truly, it was exactly what I was hoping for from a traditional taco.

Overall, Barrio Queen truly delivered the authentic Mexican flavors with a slightly heightened culinary style, while avoiding any pretense. The ambiance was light and colorful, the brick walls being a perfect backdrop for the bright Latin-American colors that showed up in everything from the decor to the light-fixtures. The staff was friendly and accommodating. I would recommend Barrio Queen for any dinning event, especially when friends come into town looking for good, authentic Mexican cuisine. Enjoy!

With my sweet lunch date, Cynthia Sassi

from! We removed our

masks briefly for this photo.


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