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Improve your golf swing with online training with JT Fitness and Golf!

If you are looking to improve your golf swing right before the WM Phoenix Open then you are in luck! Trainer Janis Thorton is here to get you in shape for the putting green or just for your everyday life with her online training programs.

Janis can help you with any level of movement, if you are just starting to work out again or if you are an avid exerciser, she has a program for you. She can also customize programs for injuries or specialized needs, finding the movements that will help you feel your best and be back to the golf course sooner than later.

Janis' history was in medical care, but she feels that now by encouraging her clients to eat better and move on a daily basis she is really helping them be the healthiest they can be. she works with her clients via a mobile app, allowing you to do your workouts anywhere at anytime, so there are no excuses!

To work with Janis, check out her social media or website here:


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