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Learning how to fly.... Flight Works in Scottsdale Arizona can help!

Flight Works in Scottsdale, Arizona is a unique experience where those who wish to learn to fly can take lessons and those who already have their license can take advantage of Flight Work's fleet of luxury Cirrus planes.

With an entire training facility complete with a simulator, you will feel comfortable and prepared as you take to the skies. Our instructor, Vic, made sure we had a handle on everything we needed during our first lesson.

Not only does Vic walk you through each and every step, he makes sure you have the opportunity to steer yourself into the exact kind of lesson you would like. If you need more on-the-ground training, they can meet you there. If you are ready to fly, buckle-up.

Flight Works is also unique as they are one of the few places in Scottsdale where you can have the perk of access to any/all of their luxury Cirrus aircrafts to use at your disposal. Want to go to Flagstaff for the weekend? They have a plane for that.

If this sounds like something you have been putting off, this is your sign to start today!

Check them out at:


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