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Luxury handbags from local designer Sage Aubrey

Sage Aubrey bags are unique, hand-crafted and luxurious. They are made for the everyday woman who has a multifaceted life and needs a bag that fits her style.

We got a chance to catch up with creator and brand namesake, Sage Aubrey, who gave us her story on how she came to create such a unique bag with the everyday woman in mind.

The Sage Aubrey brand has a huge focus on sustainability, running a zero-waste operation out of their base in Italy. Sage wanted to feel of luxury without the waste that is sometimes associated with it. Along with that vibe, Sage hopes these bags make women feel like while they are carrying a luxury bag, they are not paying luxury prices. Her idea behind the brand is the inclusion of anyone who wants to own a bag that makes them feel and look stylish.

Well, Sage, we think you have succeeded.

Check out these gorgeous bags here:


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