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Mama and Baby Local Arizona Gift Guide

Updated: Jun 28

The Baby Boom is here! It seems like each new social media post or pic is of someone announcing they are pregnant... With all this good news popping up, we wanted to put together a list of some of the best local products to gift to Mama and Baby this summer.

Check out our curated list below...

Lily + Lllama

For those Mamas who have no idea what to put in their hospital bag, this one is for you. Lily + Llama is a curated and pre-packed hospital bag for the expecting Mama. Including essential items like a super soft robe, pacifier, non-slip socks, and even a receiving blanket, this bag has everything you and baby need to feel prepared to head to the hospital on the big day.

The bag itself is beautifully made in neutral colors that will be perfect to use for other occasions. Plus Lily + Llama is committed to giving back to the community and partners with several local non-profits such as Maggie's Place and Hope Women's Center.

To order yours today check out:


Little Bum Coolers

Arizona Mama's know how hot it can get in a car, and the last thing anyone wants is an overheated kid. Little Bum Coolers are specifically designed to keep your child's car seat cool in the hot summer months.

Designed to be used when your child is NOT sitting in the seat, these cooling mats have slots in them for you to put ice packs in them, and then place them on your child's car seat.

A specific design created by a local AZ mom who was sick of her kids getting burned from seatbelts or on the backs of their legs, these mats come in fun designs and colors and have unique AZ themes (like the cactus!)

Learn more and purchase yours here:


Frances Boutique- Mom and Baby Line

Frances Boutique in uptown Phoenix is know for their curated line of clothing and retail items, but they don't stop there. Frances also has a unique Southwest inspired baby and mama line including things like taco and chili shaped baby rattles, plus desert inspired keychains for Mom.

Along with retail items there are clothing options for Mama's and babies plus super cute baby onesies that will make sure your little one is the best dressed around.

Frances is also know for their year round gift-wrapping, ensuring that you can swing by on your way to a baby-shower and still show up with a gift that looks better than everyone else!

Shop and learn more here:


OliveSpa Gentle Baby Line

Straight off the vine, these baby products are made from all natural, organic, paraben free ingredients to ensure your little one's skin is protected.

Their line is created right here in Arizona with the local olives produced at the Queen Creek Olive Mill. The product line can be purchased as individual products or come as perfect baby shower gift packages.

Their line includes a baby oil, gentle foaming wash, lotions, laundry detergent and more!

Check the entire line out here:



Milk by Mom

Milk by Mom is a unique and original concept created by a local Mama who wanted more options for breastmilk storage.

This option takes your "liquid gold" and turns it into a powder similar to formula, allowing your breastmilk to last for up to 3 years! All you have to do is follow the correct storage procedures and then add the indicated amount of water! So easy!!

You can either drop off your breast milk or you can have it picked up. The team will take care of it from there and either have it ready for your pickup or drop it off for you.

Learn more and sign up here:

**15% off for the month of JULY use code PHXFINDSMAMA**


Check out our segment on AZTV7 below:

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