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Stewardship Financial

Stewardship Financial

(602) 384-2604 1094 S Gilbert Rd Ste 210 Gilbert, AZ 85296

Mortgage, Insurance, and Investment Advisors serving you with wisdom and love. Home Loans | Insurance | Investments MB# 0909516 NMLS# 154011 The average American graduates from high school or college knowing next to nothing about personal finances. Most are lucky if they even know how to balance a check book. As a result, the typical person is clueless or intimidated by mortgages, insurance, financial planning, investing, and budgeting. This is a sad reality. As life progresses, we find ourselves looking to buy a house, weighing different insurance policies, and trying to keep our finances in order. Those things are tough to do correctly when we do not have the proper information. Unfortunately, everybody has seen the consequences of, or experienced themselves, poor financial decision without proper education and guidance: A mortgage payment that is too high; excessive fees; high interest; paying too much for insurance; too little coverage; the wrong kind of coverage; terrible customer service; making big financial decisions under pressure from “salesmen”; Living paycheck to paycheck without a plan; poor investment advice; and these are just a few. These are all financial injustices, and they can easily flood into the rest of our life carrying relationships and marriages downstream with them. When I read about and witnessed these financial injustices, I felt sick. Even now, as I write this and think about these things, my stomach churns. It makes me angry, and I want to stop it wherever I can. It is that passion which is the driving force behind Stewardship. We created Stewardship to take a stand against financial injustice—to be a group of companies that can educate and guide people through mortgages, insurance, financial planning, and investments. The mortgage, insurance, or financial plan your neighbor has may not be what is best for you. Getting to know you, understanding your needs, and empowering you with relevant information is what I want to do. Our business isn’t to solely perform transactions. Stewardship aims to build genuine relationships with people, and provide insurance, mortgages, financial planning, and investment management for them with openness, education, and real answers. -Grant Botma Founder of Stewardship

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