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The best tortillas in all of Arizona, My Nanas celebrates 60 years!

The My Nana's/La Canasta brand is very well known here in Phoenix. You can find their delicious tortillas, chips and salsas at several groceries here in the valley.

Started by Josie's family 60 years ago, the La Canasta brand grew in the valley and became a staple. When Josie decided to start her own brand, she wanted it to represent her family and her childhood. Hence the name, My Nana's.

Josie talks about being with her cousins and brothers and sisters at their Nana's home as children where she would be making them her famous tortillas. As Josie says, "she couldn't keep up" with how many tortillas they would be eating as they played outside.

It's memories like these that keep the brand alive!

You can find My Nana's tortillas, salsas and more at local Frys stores across the valley and even some WalMart locations!

To learn more about My Nanas check them out:


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