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The Know Women, a group for high-achieving women who want to know and be known

Welcome to The Know Women, a group for high achieving women who are looking for like-minded counterparts to network, connect and make genuine friendships with.

The founder, Sarah Benken, shares with us how the group started- through the Know Book- and how it's going- huge events that bring together awesome ladies!

The Know Women is "known" for their annual look book, a unique and fun magazine style publication featuring each of the year's Know Women, complete with a photo and synopsis of each woman and their business/role. These book are really what started Know and gave them their wings.

The group is just for the gals (sorry guys) and leans into the multi-faceted lives of women, bringing together women across the globe to network and make genuine connections.

Watch our interview to learn more and check them out here:


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