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The third location's a charm, Aioli Burger opens third brick and mortar location in North Phoenix

If you are a burger lover, then this one is for you! Aioli Burger has just opened their third location here in the metro-Phoenix area, and this time they are going North for the winter.

Aioli Burger was founded by Phoenix local, Chef Tommy D'Ambrosia, a former Chopped Champion. The concept started as a food truck and has since grown into three brick and mortar locations as well as offering catering services.

I caught up with Director of Operations, Kyle Hollenbeck to ask him about their success and how they have stayed so busy, even during a pandemic.

1. Congrats on opening your third location! How did you manage to continue to expand even during a global pandemic?

Thank you. We were approached by the landlord for this location and it was a no-brainer for us due to the fact that during this pandemic our catering came to a screeching halt, but the restaurant stayed busy with take-out and curbside. We did have to adapt and started offering things like meal prep services to keep our employees working and business moving.

2. What is the secret behind the success of going from a food truck to three local storefronts?

Keep the trucks! I am always surprised when I hear people start as a food truck and get rid of the truck when they open their restaurant. You want to continue to be out there. It’s a mobile billboard that can generate money for you. Our success comes from our team and implementing feedback from out loyal customers.

3. What do you think brings people back to Aioli?

The variety of burgers and our customer service. We get you a quality burger for an affordable price and we get it to you quick and with a smile. We get just as many 5-star reviews about our excellent staff as we do about the food.

4. Why did you choose this location for your third restaurant?

This was formerly a fast-casual burger place and the layout was set up correctly. It’s 10 minutes from our commercial kitchen and in a busy shopping center.

5. Where do we find you?

When it comes to the food truck we always try and post where we will be on Social Media. Our website is a great resource as well!

Follow Aioli Burger on Instagram and Facebook @AioliGourmetBurger

Check out their website

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