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Full Service Media Production

Phx Finds Media is more than just a show, we are here to help you tell your story in multiple ways. If you need promotional footage, a commercial or a brand video, we can help! 

See our services below and to learn more about pricing and production details drop us a line. 


Who are We?

A local highlight and discovery show featuring the best people, places and things in Arizona.

Phx Finds Media is here to help tell your story to your ideal audience. We love "finding" new spots around the valley and sharing them through targeted digital marketing.


Our highly specialized video segments air online, on social media and are yours to keep.


Book a discovery call below!

How it works

Pre Production

We work with you to create a specialized segment arc that will highlight exactly who you are and what you offer. 


We book a time to come to your location to film with a professional team who will capture the essense of what you do. 


We take your beautifully edited video segment and market it to a targeted audience through digital ad marketing. We are able to target a specific audience to assure you are reaching your ideal client. 


Your segment is then delivered to you in its raw form for you to use on any platform. You also receive links to all promoted materials for you to share with your audience as well! 


Multiple Media Solutions in one place

Here's what it typically costs for all the elements you get with a Phx Finds segment:

  1. Branded Video Shoot: $2,000+

  2. Professional editing: $150+

  3. Digital Video Marketing: $300+

  4. Social Media Marketing: $500+ per post

Total: $2,950

Your investment with Phx Finds Media starts as low as $700.

Why is it so Affordable?

Because we love telling your story! Our mission is to highlight the best finds in the valley and to help small business owners along the way. Book a call today to see how one of our video segments could get you discovered by your ideal audience. 

Other Media Services We Offer

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